Stephen Ray

SR2610 ยท

Independent Games Developer.
Minecraft Modification Creator.
Third Year Games Development Student at Solent University.

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Dog In A Box

Unity / SteamVR
Dog In A Box was created by Myself and Jaz Marshall-Porter over the course of 4 days as part of the Solent MegaJam 2018 with the theme "Man's Best Friend". The game sees the player work as part of a dog production line where they recive orders for dogs and need to create them using a selection of parts. The game uses the HTC Vive to provide a Virtual Reality experience.

September 2018

Space Escape

Created for a University unit as part of a three-person team. My role inside of that team was lead Programmer as well as undertaking some design and Quality Assurance tasks. The task for the Unit was to create an escape room game using a theme given to our team, with that theme being space. The game puts the player inside a space station with them completing a set of puzzles to restore power and escape, with puzzles including gravity manipulation and laser grids. The game was developed alongside Nikola Krajnovic and Mitchell Dixon.

April 2018


Created for a University unit as part of a four-person team. My role inside of that team was lead Programmer. The task for the Unit was to create a 2D Platformer with an Artic theme. The game was developed alongside Nikola Krajnovic, Timothy Bush and Mitchell Dixon.

March 2018

Space Clicker

Created as part of a solo University assessment to create a clicker / incremental game. The game is a 2D clicker with a space theme, featuring very simplistic graphics and mechanics. The game features saving and loading with multiple profiles, an in-game store to purchase credits, daily rewards, as well as offline generation of in game currency. An in game option menu was also implemented to give the player rudimentary audio controls as well as the option to reset all their save data.

December 2017

Waist of Time

Waist of Time is a 2D Sidescrollling Platformer where the player needs to use time manipulation mechanics in order to solve puzzles. The game was built over 5 days as part of a Southampton Solent Game Jam with the theme "Time". The game was developed alongside Jaz Marshall-Porter, Timothy Bush, Robert Ashton and Mitchell Dixon.

Title Screen In Level
February 2017



A mod that adds a more advanced and capable Jukebox to Minecraft.


Download on CurseForge

June 2017

Creeper Confetti

Creepers don't do damage with this mod, but explode into wonderful confetti.


Download on CurseForge

July 2014

The Fez Mod

A mod that adds a collection of Doctor Who inspired items to Minecraft.


Download on CurseForge

November 2013

Other Projects

Stack Interactive

Director / Developer
Stack Interactive is an Independent Games Development Studio focused on developing Virtual Reality games and experiences. The studio was founded in October 2018 by me and Jaz Marshall-Porter. Current Stack Interactive Projects include Dog in a Box.
October 2018 - Present

Yellow Sword Studios

Owner / Developer
Yellow Sword Studios is a work in progress, check back soon for udpates.
September 2018 - Present